Tips for Attracting Your Employees Back To the Office

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Many people became comfortable working from home during the pandemic. While some companies are sticking to remote work conditions, others find in-person work models more valuable. As workplaces start to reincorporate face-to-face interactions, it can be hard to convince people to return to work.

As a leader, it’s your job to motivate your workers and simplify the transition. Make coming back worthwhile with these tips for attracting your employees back to the office.

Tips for Attracting Your Employees Back To the Office

Prioritize Health and Safety

First and foremost, the leadership should demonstrate their employees’ health and safety are top priorities. Much of the pushback from returning to the office comes from a fear of getting sick. Communicate your plans for maintaining safe and sanitary conditions. If your workers feel protected, they are more likely to return to your physical location.

Highlight Your Company Culture

After a year and a half of feeling disconnected, now is the perfect time to highlight your company’s core values. What kind of environment do you want your employees to return to? Make your workers want to come back by building a fun and supportive culture. You can plan team-building exercises and poll employees to see where leadership can make the most valuable changes.

Tips for Attracting Your Employees Back To the Office

Redesign the Office Space

Reimaging the physical workspace is another helpful tip for attracting your employees back to the office. Nobody wants to work in a place that’s incohesive, disorganized, and unstimulating. Your office might need redesigning if people are still unwilling to step foot into the space. Spruce up the place with better features and amenities that encourage comfort and productivity.

Offer Flexible Work Options

Working from home offers many perks that in-person employment can’t accommodate. If your workers are still less than thrilled about physically coming back, offer flexible work options. Instead of mandating a complete office return, allow employees to work remotely a few days a week. Establishing a hybrid work model is a good way to keep remote work’s appeal while encouraging in-person interactions.

If your employees have gotten comfortable working from home, luring them back to the office will be a challenge. However, creating a healthy work environment is the best way to get your employees inside the building. You’ll be on your way to rebuilding valuable connections that make the workplace thrive when you use these tips.

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