Stress Management Tips for Worried Entrepreneurs

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause stress on many, especially entrepreneurs. Keeping spiritually balanced while growing a business during these uncertain times is an enormous challenge, but Kamilion Web hopes the following practical strategies can help you manage your anxiety and feel more centered.

Learn From Others

During times when you run into trouble, take a step back and don’t panic. Others have likely experienced the same problems you’re experiencing. The internet is stuffed with online forums geared toward business owners of every stripe. Find one specific to your business and start asking questions. Odds are that helpful advice will begin to surface. If not, there is always another forum where you can seek answers. Should that fail, join a trade organization where you can get inside the heads of others through real-time conversations.

Recognize Stressors

If you do not know what causes feelings of stress, mitigating those triggers becomes impossible. There are questions you can ask yourself that are designed to help you pinpoint sources of anxiety. Psychological researchers suggest we approach difficult situations as hurdles to overcome rather than threats. Practicing this perspective can help keep mental demons at bay.

Use Planning Software

Putting together a plan for your organization can relieve many stressors inherent to entrepreneurship. Business software such as GoSmallBiz and PlanGuru can help organize the details of your operation and ease tasks. Most offer customizable templates as well as educational materials. Find a program that offers a desirable mix of features, user experience, and affordability.

Stay Organized

The more disorganized your working environment, the more difficult it is to remain focused. There are other benefits to staying uncluttered, as well. Spend the first 10 minutes of every workday tossing whatever is no longer needed. Straighten out items in your digital workspace as well as your physical one. Instead of jumping from task to task after imminent deadlines turn into nerve-wracking emergencies, plan projects as soon as they become official. Use a calendar app to get into a groove and make sure you’re completing what must be finished. Break tasks into smaller chunks, and you should begin to feel more in control.

Outsource Staff

Depending on the size of your business, it may be wise to outsource certain tasks to ensure project deadlines are met and to take work off your plate, particularly for jobs where you lack the skills. If you’re not in a position to hire permanent staff, don’t overlook the benefits of hiring freelance workers. In fact, thanks to the internet, when you consider overseas workers, your talent pool options exponentially increase, so don’t limit yourself to people who work stateside.

You can easily find web developers, SEO specialists, writers, data analysts, app developers and more from countries like India, the Philippines, the UK, Italy, Pakistan. The list goes on. And with freelancers, you don’t have to pay employment taxes. The tricky part can be submitting payment for completed work, but your freelancers can help guide you. Some may even prefer to receive money through a wire transfer service, which can often yield them a better exchange rate when converting US dollars. For instance, a contractor from the Philippines can get ₱51.25 per US dollar, and depending on how much you send, you may not even be required to pay a fee.

Properly Unwind

If you’ve recently started working from home, stopping may be more difficult than ever. Set an official time for when your day ends. Once the clock strikes that hour, step away and remind yourself that the unfinished project you were slaving away over will be there tomorrow. Focus on what you love. Call a friend, enjoy dinner out with family, or treat yourself to your favorite leisure activity. You’ve earned the right to engage in a few personal indulgences.

Staying free from stress when running a company can be difficult, yet it can be achieved if you employ the right techniques. Use these methods for eliminating feelings of angst while simultaneously helping your business to grow.

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