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Event discovery network IRL is introducing a new website that adds more social features around events, including profiles, conversations, and the opportunity to join group events, among other things, following its $16 million Series B last autumn. social irl maus mom augustpereztechcrunch. Individuals will be able to join in group events, receive personalized event recommendations, and communicate with their peers about events thanks to the modifications, which apply to both online and mobile. now resembles a genuine social network rather than just an online event search engine thanks to the joint efforts.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which essentially closed down the live events sector overnight, might have easily caused the startup, which had previously concentrated on real-world events, to fail last year. Nevertheless, it swiftly modified its software for discovering activities to accommodate virtual events. By categorizing online events like live-streamed concerts, esports competitions, Zoom parties, and more in April, IRL reacted to the government shutdowns and bans on in-person meetings. social irl 10m mom augustpereztechcrunch.

IRL became more approachable as a result of the modifications since it was made available to everyone, not just those with the time and resources to travel and participate in actual events. social irl maus augustpereztechcrunch

Events from partnerships like TikTok, Meetup, Twitch, Spotify, SoundCloud, HBO, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, and others were included in sections including gaming, entertainment, Television, well-being, sports, podcasts, lifestyle, and more. (Apple TV+ episodes are also available on the website, though IRL is unable to formally confirm this.) However, we’ve been informed that IRL has permission to show these events.)

The newly updated IRL website aims to more closely resemble the recently improved smartphone experience. 

When new users sign up for, they may choose the event categories they’re interested in and locate their friends who have already signed up. Similar to the smartphone app, you can now dig deeper into events by genre on the website by navigating across the classifications at the top. These categories include gaming, music, TV, sports, wellness, lifestyle, podcasts, and others. Additionally, you may filter to view activities this weekend or IRL’s list of “Top Picks.”