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Is Blogging Full Time a Good Career Path for You?

More and more people are turning to blogging full time to make a living or support their income. If you find a niche you like, blogging can be a highly enjoyable, creative outlet for anyone to pursue. While the majority of people blog only as a hobby, it is possible to make up to $10,000 a month from blogging.
However, turning a hobby into a career can be challenging. Before starting, it is important to know whether blogging full time for a living is the right move for you. Here are three things to consider in making that decision.

You’re Patient

Transforming a blog from a hobby to a business takes a lot of time. You cannot get the number of views you need per month overnight and it is important to keep this in mind throughout the process.
Successful blogs have a robust catalog of posts, along with social media presence and affiliate links. All of these aspects take time to create and require time to get page views. However, consistency and patience are vital during the startup phase.

You’ve Done Your Research

Blogging full time has a steep learning curve. You will not only have to learn how to blog with a unique voice and take on your topic of choice, but you will also have to learn how to manage your website and build in affiliate links and other monetization methods.
You should understand the time and effort expected to generate your desired results before making that investment into something to make sure it fits your needs and personality. This is where research comes into play. Try to find out what other bloggers in your niche did to succeed and build a personal roadmap to follow throughout the process to ensure you are always on track.

You Are Comfortable With Networking

Every successful blogger knows other bloggers and has built strong relationships with them. Networking with other bloggers is key as you can find mentors, friends, and have sources for referrals and collaborators.
In order to be successful at blogging, you must be able to reach out to other writers in your field and start to build those relationships. Starting off can be as easy as leaving comments on a blog you admire. Be sure not to spam other blogs, however, as this can backfire. Some key tips are to stay genuine and be helpful as you reach out to others.
Blogging can be a wonderful source of income and a way to express yourself. Anyone can start and maintain a blog, but consideration is needed before committing to blogging for a living.

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