Home Office Hacks for a More Productive Space

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If you run an online business, chances are you and your staff are either fully remote or have home office setups. Given that your home is also where you conduct business, you should have a focused space that maximizes effectiveness throughout the day. Explore these home office hacks for a more productive space.

Stop and Smell the Roses

When you’re working at your desk, all your other brain and body functions continue as well—including smell. What does your home office smell like? Does it smell like anything? Hopefully, you don’t notice any putrid odors, but either way, you should find ways to stop and smell the roses. Build a scent profile for a productive day and get it into your space. Whether you use essential oils or diffusing rods, make your space smell great. You should also remember to air out your office from time to time so it doesn’t smell damp or stale.

Look Up!

Many people overlook their home office’s lighting. If you’re relying on a dim overhead light for your workspace ambience, then you’re already starting at a disadvantage. Get creative with ways to improve the lighting in your home workspace. The more time and effort you put into the color, intensity, size, and type of light, the better an atmosphere you’ll create for your workplace productivity.

Always Be Working on Something

The terrible trap of at-home office spaces is that all your other life tasks and needs arise in the same space. Do you need to pay your bills? Does your kid need someone to help them with their schoolwork? Do you have a TV with the game on in the background? Don’t let the wave of distractions keep you from productivity. Instead, keep a file open on your computer, so you’re always working on something.

Remember these home office hacks for a more productive space as you maximize your online business capacity. Though everyone must figure out the work-life balance on their own, these tips will help you make the most of your workspace when you need it.

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