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Considered Hiring a Freelancer? 4 Unique Tasks to Outsource

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Have You Ever Considered Hiring a Freelancer for This? 4 Unique Tasks That You Can Outsource

Among small business owners and entrepreneurs, outsourcing to freelancers is an incredibly popular choice. Instead of hiring part-time or full-time employees, you can hire experienced individuals for the exact work you need, when you need it.

Some of the more commonly hired types of freelancers include bookkeepers, writers, graphic designers, accountants, and virtual assistants.

With the rapid expansion of remote work, there are more freelance specialties than ever before. Kamilion Web shares four unique tasks that you can now outsource to grow your business.

hiring freelancers

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It has been estimated that the average cyber (malware) attack costs individual businesses $2.5 million per occurrence. Between the hours spent recovering data and fixing systems to the actual losses, cyber attacks are nothing to take lightly.

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to these threats as they often do not take sufficient steps to protect their systems and technology.

Due to the demand for professional online security assistance, freelance cyber security experts are widely available.

Rather than hiring a costly, full-service IT team, you can work with a trusted IT professional for a fraction of the cost. Enlisting the help of a cyber security expert is a smart move for business owners who’ve not yet taken any steps to protect their data, systems, and networks.

Filling Out Forms

Being a business owner means that you’ll always have some form to fill out.

Unfortunately, this can become incredibly time-consuming and frustrating at times. If you have had it with forms and paperwork, hiring freelancers to do the work can help.

Specific services can alleviate the burden of paperwork. Entrepreneurs who want to experience the benefits that come with forming an LLC (such as increased protection of personal assets) can enlist the help of a formation service.

Rather than taking the DIY approach, experts can quickly and affordably complete your business structure filing without you ever having to lift a finger. Zenbusiness.com is an example of such a service.

Link Building

In the SEO world, link building is everything. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, link building is the process of creating backlinks to a specific website. The end goal of this strategy is to help a website rise in search engine listings.

Because link building involves a number of highly involved and time-consuming strategies (including content marketing), it is best to have expert help with this need. If your SEO is on point but you’d like a bit of extra help with this one specific area, there are freelancers ready to help.

App Development

Depending on the type of business you run, you may be considering launching a smartphone app.

Businesses regularly build apps for customer retention, to keep their audience engaged, and to further enhance their brand image. Whatever your reason, app-building skills cannot be learned overnight.

Hiring a professional freelance app developer can allow your business to finally have a presence in the smartphone app store world.

When looking to hire a freelancer, always use your common sense.

Only search reputable job boards or take referrals from trusted colleagues. Since these freelancers will be working with sensitive data, you want to be sure that you can trust them with access to your accounts and other critical information.

Additionally, be realistic about your budget and project timeframe. Freelancers across areas of expertise are running their own businesses just like you.

Do your research in advance to see what most professionals are charging. Do that to get an understanding of what you will need to pay for their service.

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