Boost Creativity with Mental Workouts

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People are unique for their ability to form completely original and creative ideas. You can give a group of people a subject to talk about and you will end up with many different takes on the same idea. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creative output, while the left focuses on logical thinking. In order to come up with innovative ideas and creations, we must use both sides of our brain. Here are some tips from Kamilion Web to help you boost your creativity to new heights!


Get Physical


Accessing the creative side of our brain can be a little more difficult at times since we do not use it as much every day. Learning how to access and use creative thinking is done by working out your mind as you would the rest of your body in order for it to function optimally. 


Yoga is a great tool to get healthy and stimulate creativity. Since yoga focuses on breathing, exercise, and meditation simultaneously, it can increase mental focus and stimulation. It is also something most people can do regardless of age or physical condition. 


Moving your body in new ways can help you tap into some creativity. Your brain and imagination have to kick in more to help you learn moves that you don’t already know. Try a sport you have not tried before (water aerobics, horseback riding, dance classes…be creative!). You can also try doing everyday tasks with your non-dominant hand, which forces your brain to engage more and take you off of autopilot. Physical movements can train your brain to enhance creativity.


Repetitive writing exercises are quick and easy ways to work out your mind when you need a creative boost. For example, write down one word and look at it carefully. Write the same word while looking in a mirror. Then try writing that word upside down. Repeat the steps several times until it gets easier. 


Declutter — Both Physically and Mentally


Having a clean, organized space at home can help you relax and disconnect from everything else going on in your life. Being alone and meditating is very beneficial to mental health and can actually help you brainstorm and get in touch with your creative side. Speaking of meditation, consider using headphones to give you a sense of privacy and solitude while listening to meditation podcasts or calming music to help you relax, which in turn may boost your creativity. 

Photo via Pixabay by Alex Loban


Challenge Yourself


Try writing a letter to someone without using certain words like I, me, my, and mine. You can also try talking without using those same words. It is a useful endeavor that forces your brain to get creative with words and think outside the box. 


Another interesting writing exercise is referred to as a conversation between hemispheres. Both right-handed and left-handed people start this task by holding a pen or pencil in their right hand. Write down a short phrase that you might say or ask someone in conversation. Switch the pen or pencil to your left hand and write a reply to the first phrase. It doesn’t have to be neat. By using both hands and replying to each phrase, you will be accessing both sides of your brain. Different attitudes and ideas emerge depending on which hand is being used, and this exercise can definitely spark some new, creative ideas. 


More excellent ways to train your brain for creativity are by working on brain teasers, 3D wooden puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, playing board games with friends, and writing in a journal. Basically, anything that challenges your mind or makes you examine things from a new perspective can build new connections in the brain and give you that boost of creativity when you need it. 


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